Color Theory

It is important to understand color as light and pigment. This is because when colors are mixed, the process is either additive or subtractive. Computer graphics use light, where as painters and printers use pigments.

When mixing colors of light, we use additive color mixing. This is usually in the RGB color model. RGB includes red, green and blue additive primaries. The RGB color model has a white point and gamma correction. When all additive colors are mixed, they produce white.

When pigments are mixed, it is considered subtractive mixing. This is because when the primary pigments are mixed, they theoretically produce black. In reality, such as in painting, the color becomes brown. In theory, black is the absence of color while white is light.

The Color Wheel

The color wheel is a helpful tool which helps make it possible see the spectrum of colors and understand the relationships between different colors.

The Color Wheel

Color Characteristics

When colors are mixed or used in full saturation, they have specific characteristics that can be advantageous for portraying a certain mood or message.

Characteristics of Color