Cool Colors

Green, blue and violet are part of the family of cool colors. They represent nature, water and night. Cool colors are more relaxing, professional and calming. They are easier to use for large blocks of color and can be used as accent colors as well.


Green is a secondary color and is immediately associated with nature. Green tends to represent growth, abundance and renewal. Green has calming characteristics when used as a shade as well as tint.

Green is versatile as it can energize and calm an audience depending on the specific hue. Bright yellow-green is close to yellow and is ideal as an accent color for freshness. Green is used to achieve balance and has more energy than blue. Wealth and stability can also be represented with green, especially a darker shade. Green is the color of choice for health, environment and prosperity.

Green is also associated with safety as traffic lights use green to signify a safe passage. Green has visual weight and is a good choice for endurance and stability.


Blue is the only primary color in the cool color family. It has different cultural associations. In the West, blue represents sadness and mourning. It is also associated with peace, religion and royalty.

Blue, however, is considered the calmest color on the wheel. It is friendly, versatile and refreshing. Blue is associated with water and nature. Darker blues are mysterious, strong and dependable. They are associated with night.

Lighter blues have a calming effect while darker blues are associated with strength and responsibility. Most corporate designs use blue for the latter reason. Bright blues are used for energy, health and freshness.


Violet, also called purple, is a secondary color made by combining red and blue. Violet brings the calmness and stability of blue while also providing the energy of red. Darker shades of violet are associated with royalty, wealth and luxury. Lighter tints of violet are calmer, romantic and even youthful.

Lighter violets tend to be used for spring and Easter. Red-violets are warmer and provide a rich look. Blue-violets are cool and mysterious. Violet is also associated with creativity and imagination.